Twenty Sixteen

2016, what a year! My third wedding season and it has been ridiculous amounts of fun, and a little bit of hard work but mostly fun. Okay all fun.

62 photo shoots, 30 of them weddings. I walked away from every wedding feeling incredibly humbled, enlightened, inspired and in love. In love with pretty flowers and flowing gowns, with beautiful light filled spaces and gorgeous gardens, with people in love. I’ve taken road trips to Dunsborough and Margaret River and Busselton and Bunker Bay, and a boat trip to Rottnest. I've strolled around Fremantle with gorgeous couples when the sun going down lights up the streets all nice and golden, and the Swan Valley has become a frequent fixture. I’ve meandered through the CBD and inner city gardens that I previously didn’t even know existed. This documenting love thing has opened my eyes to so much beauty right here in our little sleepy town, and slightly beyond, and every single wedding has taught me so much about human connection and love. Something perhaps I was missing a bit of in my previous non-wedding life. 

After ten weeks off over winter I made it my mission to keep my editing done in a timely fashion when the new season kicked off. Firstly, so my couples wouldn’t be waiting too long for their photos, but also so I could take time off again in mid 2017 without leaving behind a trail of unfinished work. As I write this I’m right on track, which has meant reluctantly saying no to some invitations and needing to seriously kick my own butt into gear some (most) nights when all I've wanted to do was sloth. Some might think it’s all work but I really don’t feel that way. At all. 

On a personal note I have ticked some extremely challenging things off my list this year, things I had initially put to the background because procrastination, and a bad case of ‘I don’t wanna’, but I got there eventually. So I end the year with a sense of newness, a rebirth in some ways, with all the icky things done and dusted. Man that feels good.

Finally and most importantly, I want to say a huge thank you to those who have entrusted me to capture their wedding memories. I feel immense gratitude toward you and your families who are always so welcoming so that by the time we hit the dance floor I really feel like a guest. Thank you, a million times, THANK YOU. Without you none of this would be remotely possible.

So here are a handful of my favourite photos from favourite moments this year. When I look back I feel so bloody lucky, so lucky, to be doing this crazy photography gig. I sometimes ask myself, how is this even real?!