2018: A Retrospect

There’s a certain humility that comes with standing before people, declaring your love for another with your heart exposed for the world to see. I’m wholeheartedly aware of this, and it makes the task of photographing people that little bit more real. Raw. The responsibility that comes with that is so profound.

In my earlier shooting days the thought of this used to actually terrify me. It fueled the fire in my belly and for probably about the first 50 or so weddings, I actually would feel physically uneasy on the morning of a wedding. It wasn’t a bad thing, it just reaffirmed that this really meant something to me. But it could’ve easily, had I not confided in friends and learned how to deal with it, scared me enough to turn my back on shooting weddings out of fear.

I photographed my 100th wedding this year. It’s not even about the number, but to look back at what the last four years have entailed is so very humbling. Sometimes I avoid talking about it because it sounds so cliched, but truthfully, it’s all so pleasantly surreal.

I get to meet so many wonderful couples. I get to hear their love stories and I am acquainted with their connection on the purest day of their lives. I am invited to dive into their family circle and document the love and joy surrounding them all. It’s no surprise that while yes, I shed a tear or two at some weddings, I spend my days editing with a warm heart and the biggest smile on my face. To know I’ve captured these small moments among loved ones truly is wonderful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the beautiful people that have trusted me and understood my vision. It’s one thing to be able to pick up a camera and photograph these moments, but none of it would be possible without you. When people tell me I’m lucky to be able to do what I love for my job, I always instinctively think of you, those of you who have chosen me to document your moments.