Aimee + Andrew // Brookside Vineyard Wedding

Most brides aren’t keen to have rain on their wedding day. Personally, although clearly it isn’t about me as I am not the bride, I’m quietly partial to taking photos on a rainy day. Although I never wish for rain because no couple wants to walk around drenched on their wedding day. But if my couple doesn’t mind it, neither do I.

On the day of Aimee and Andrew’s wedding it pitter-pattered. All day. Aside from their ceremony being moved indoors, the rain didn’t hinder their celebrations one bit. Aimee even walked down a wet gravel driveway with her gorgeous gown, completely unfazed. They were so enveloped in love that they probably didn’t even notice that it was raining! And Brookside Vineyard, although beautiful on any given day, is truly romantic when the skies are gloomy and the trees are glistening in rain drops. 

The lads, and Holly (Andrew’s sister), have started a new wedding tradition whereby they head outside and light up cigars. I was privileged to get a look into this boys-and-Holly club. I can’t even remember that they were talking and laughing about, but I remember how cool they looked suited up, standing in a circle smoking cigars. 

Aimee and Andrew’s wedding was relaxed, intimate and truly wonderful. A beautiful venue filled with smiling faces and a world full of love. 


Gown: Adore Bridal // Groom's attire: MJ Bale // HMUA: Living Dolls Makeup Artistry // Bride's head piece: worn by her mother at her wedding <3 // Styling + arbour flowers: Katie - The Dreamer & Collector // Cake: Fabulous Holly // Boutonnieres + corsages: Alice and Rose Flowers // Bouquets + table arrangements: Bride Aimee // MC: Cameron McAloon // Catering: The Vineyard Kitchen