Brittany + Sean // Mosmans Restaurant Wedding

Brittany and Sean got married on a beautiful January day at Mosmans Restaurant. Their ceremony was outside by the water, styled by Brittany's very creative mum. You know how sometimes you meet people and they are super friendly and funny and so welcoming from the first moment that you feel like part of the family? Well, that's Britt and Sean's family.

When I arrived at Britt's parents' house earlier in the day I walked in to so much excitement. Cute dogs. Dad making funny jokes. Britt excitedly getting ready to marry her love. And I stood in the kitchen and felt this wave of familiarity, like I belonged there, or had some kind of unknown connection to their home. After a few moments I realised that their home is the exact same design as our family home that my mum lived in many years ago. It's strange how the universe works, but right then I felt like I did belong there, photographing these beautiful people celebrating such a delightful occasion.


Awesome vendors // Second photographer: Lifa Wall //  Florist: The Black Posy // MUA: Nicole Forde // Hair stylist: Jo Simpson // Britt's gown: Wendy Makin // Video: 503 Films // Celebrant: Luke Firth // Music: Razeigh Zain