How many images do we receive? And how long before we receive them?

The final collection is approximately 600-800 fully edited and carefully curated images for full day coverage. You receive them about 6-8 weeks after your wedding. I send about 20 sneak peek images to you the day following your wedding to enjoy in your newlywed bliss, and I publish a private highlight gallery about 6 weeks after your wedding with about 150-200 images showing the story of your day. You can share the gallery with your family and friends.


Do you travel for weddings?

Sure do! Say where and when, and I’m there! There is a travel cost involved which I will outline should you contact me. I would especially love to photograph a wedding in Finland. Or Norway. Or New Zealand. Or Finland. 


How do we know if you’re the right photographer for us?

You just know. By now I’m assuming you’ve looked at my most recent work on my blog or my featured weddings page so if my style is what you like, and you can imagine yourself in images taken by me, then look no further.


How would you describe your style?

Candid. Natural. Real. There is no way I'll be asking for cheesy poses or forced smiles. I prefer to document your wonderful day as it unfolds; Grandma making tea in the kitchen as you get ready, the groom with a tear in his eye as he sees his beautiful bride walking down the aisle, guests cutting it up on the dance floor celebrating the love. That's what I'm capturing. I am also obsessed with the small details so dotted in between lots of photos of happy people are the photos of the pretty little details that you'll appreciate years after your wedding.


Do we need to provide you with a shot list?

No. As I am a documentary photographer I photograph what I see as it happens, a shot list is not necessary (in fact I discourage it). I’d prefer there be no expectation about specifically styled or posed photos, rather you are after documented memories of your day as it happened.


Do we get high resolution images, and are they watermarked?

No watermarks from me. You will receive web-ready images that you can share online, and high resolution images for print. No need to come back to me later to ask for images as they’re all yours from the get-go.


Do you work solo or with a second photographer?

For weddings that are five hours and over I like to have a second shooter. He or she will usually be getting shots from a different perspective to mine which only adds to your final collection. I usually have my second photographer with me from the groom getting ready through ceremony to the commencement of reception. I’ll also have my second photographer capturing photos of guests at cocktail hour whilst I am taking bridal portraits, depending on how the day is laid out time-wise and distance between locations.


We don’t like having our photo taken. Not a question.

That’s fine, neither do I. The best part about me taking your photos is you will hardly even notice I am there. Truly! A few times after the bridal party portrait session I've had the groom or a groomsman say “that was actually fun!” It’s all about being fun, in a natural, non-freaky way. I won’t be asking the groomsmen to pretend to throw the bride in the air (unless she wants to be thrown in the air then knock yourselves out!). There will be some gentle direction during the portraits but for the rest of your day and night, I’m literally lurking around with my camera snapping the moments as they unfold. Sound easy? It is.


How do we book you?

Simply contact me to see if I am available on your date. And if so, all I need is a signed agreement which I forward to you by email, and a $1000 retainer to save your date. Then, I’m all yours!


Do we get to meet before our wedding?

Absolutely. I love nothing more than to whittle away hours chatting over coffee (or wine) discussing exciting things like weddings. I run through the best light of the day, timing, I can even help with recommendations of vendors and locations for portraits if you need that. Once you have booked we’ll find a suitable time to sit and run through your wedding plans. If you’d like to chat before you book I offer Skype sessions and I have limited meeting times available for in-person chats. I’m also happy to chat on the phone if you prefer.


Do you offer albums and can you arrange prints?

Sure do. Sure can. I highly recommend you consider a fine art album, they're gorgeous and they are the perfect medium for displaying and storing your images. An album essentially tells the story of your day, pretty much in the same way I've documented it. I will bring samples to show you when we meet and you can see some information about albums at the bottom of my pricing page.